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Here at Sweet Southern, I’ve been providing virtual services for over 5 years to small business owners.  Honeybook has been my hands down favorite tool.  

We love love LOVE HoneyBook.  This awesome tool helps us from start to finish with our projects.  After scouring the internet for days upon end, trying every single “free trial” I could get my hands on, I found several tools I liked.  Each was missing something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what though. 

I started with Dubsado, which was great, don’t get me wrong!  It allowed me to create contracts, proposals etc but the process was daunting.  I didn’t dare to attempt workflows because I was terrified.  I’d like to say I am technically inclined but this made me feel otherwise. I’m sure with more research, I could have figured it out, but I didn’t have that kind of time.  

So I kept on searching.  And searching.  I was ready to resort to pen/paper and jot forms.  Seriously.  I gave one more search with the keywords “like Dubsado”.  The sky parted, the birds began to sing.  HoneyBook came up.  It was like it was meant to be. 

I clicked the link, started my trial and here I am.  I haven’t stopped looking at it ever since.  It’s SO simple.  Workflows – those that didn’t take a degree in rocket science – are aplenty.  I mean, look how pretty this is!

Within each workflow, you break down what you want to happen in a series of events. Say you want a questionnaire sent 1 day after a prospective client submits their information on your website, or you want to send a link to your scheduler so they can set up a call.  This is what that does.  

Tired of writing your tasks down on paper or filtering through emails to remember?  (I’ve edited my tasks as examples as I have NDA’s that don’t allow me to share information). 

For the task “Finish proposal for ABC” I can actually go into my templates, finish up my proposal AND send it directly to the client right here from in HoneyBook. 

Did I mention bookkeeping yet?  Payments, expenses, Profit & Loss, QuickBooks integration, OH MY! Collect your payments DIRECTLY from the invoices or proposals you’ve sent and it is deposited right into your bank account. 

I mean, this tool even integrates to your Google calendar.  Score!

I can’t say enough about HoneyBook.  There are so many more features than I’ve covered here – so go try it out!

If you need help, their amazing team is there for you every step of the way.  Pop in their chat and within minutes, someone is there with a smile (and some jokes sometimes!).  

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