Are you interested in an opportunity to provide inbound customer service for some of the most amazing non-profit organizations??

  We are now recruiting for our September Drive!  August is Full.

 You will complete ALL of your registration and “training” now and be pulled in for the drive when needed.  Some of you may be brought in sooner if the need arises.  

Unfortunately, for this project, we do not contract with residents of Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, W Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont, California, and S Dakota.

This opportunity is NOT affiliated with ARISE.

There is a $50 registration fee which includes your background check and service fee.  

 It is non-refundable and required. 

 Agents who can navigate through instructions while following them correctly will be the best fit for this project.  If you cannot follow directions, please do not apply. 

Training is done through online modules and practice sessions.  

You must pass a Vocal Demo, Background Check, Certification and Test Calls before you’re allowed to start taking calls. 

 Agents MUST have call center experience.  If you do not, please do not apply.